Item # 360 Green Silicone Carbide Powder, Green Silicone Carbide Powder

Highest purity silicon carbide for the most critical applications.

Product NameGreen Silicone Carbide Powder
Item #360 Green Silicone Carbide Powder
Powder Size360
Microns (Median)23
Melting TemperatureDissociates at approx. 2300C
Hardness - Knoop Scale25.000 – 30.000 N/mm2
Hardness - Mohs Scale9 – 10
Specific Density3.21 g/cm3
Typical Chemical Analysis

SiC       98.80%
Free C     0.15%
SiC          0.10%
SiO2        0.10%
Fe2O3    0.05%

Bulk Density.07 - 1.7 g/cm3

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