March 24, 2016


From our early beginnings in 1942, the K. C. Abrasive Company has remained a speciality abrasive powder manufacturer. The entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Russell Bysel, founder of the company, pioneered the development of an automated water elutriation grading process that is used to classify aluminum oxide into extremely fine micron-sized powders. Initially, these powders, Crystal Finishing Powder, were used in a mechanical finishing process called “lapping” to produce an extremely fine/flat surface profile with parallel sides and uniform thickness on quartz crystal blanks that were used in radios during WWII. After the war, we sold the same aluminum oxide abrasive, Optical Powder, to wholesale optical laboratories that used it to grind corrective curvatures on eyeglass lenses. Today, our Micro Alumina and Aluminum Oxide Powders are used in many speciality markets that include precision optics, electronics, semi-conductor, micro blasting, heat sink compounds, ceramic, metal lapping, wear-resistant surface coatings, coated and bonded abrasive products, lapidary, and thermal spray coatings to name a few.

After all these years, K. C. Abrasive Company is still a small closely held speciality abrasive powder manufacturer with a strong emphasis on customer service. With a progressive philosophy, we embrace changes that will help to ensure a place for the company and our products in a global economy. We’ve modeled our quality management system to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standard and have been registered to the standard since 1998.

We appreciate the opportunity to help you meet your abrasive needs.