Item # SPA 3, Special Polishing Alumina 3

Special Polishing Aluminas all have unique polishing characteristics different from our standard Micro Alumina powders. All are high purity aluminas with a unique combination of particle size and/or hardness which allow them to achieve critical finishes not attainable with our more aggressive Micro Alumina powders. Due to variation in product specifications and characteristics, we believe it more beneficial to offer samples. This allows the customer the opportunity to test in their process to see if they get the desired result.

Product NameSpecial Polishing Alumina 3
Item #SPA 3
Typical Chemical Analysis

Al2O3 (min)        99.00%
Na2O (typical)      0.40%
Fe2O3 (typical)     0.02%
SiO2 (typical)         0.01%

d10 (microns)1.9
d50 (microns)8
d90 (microns)37
BET Specific Surface (m2/g)-
Loose Bulk Density (g/l)500-850
Primary Crystal Size5-10 micron
Surface Area (m2/g)-
Specific gravity (g/cm3)3.98

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