Item # 95-CFP, Crystal Finishing Powder

K.C. Abrasive’s Crystal Finishing Powders were originally formulated for the lapping of quartz crystals. Today’s lapping powders are manufactured to even tighter specifications for the quartz crystal industry.

Product NameCrystal Finishing Powder
Item #95-CFP
Nominal Median Size (um)9.5
Physical FormBlocky, Solid, Angular
Melting Temperature2000C (3632F)
Density3.8 g/cm^3
Hardness - Knoop Scale2050
Hardness - Mohs Scale9
Water SolubilityInsoluble
ColorLight Brown, Tan
Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 (by difference) 96.05%
TiO2 2.70%
SiO2 0.70%
Fe2O3 0.10%
CaO 0.15%
MgO 0.30%
CrystallographyAlpha alumina, hexagonal crystal
ShapeBlocky with sharp edges
Bulk Density2.17-1.61 gm/cc depending on size
Shelf LifeIndefinite
Specific gravity (g/cm3)3.92

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