Item # 800 Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Powder, Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Powder

K. C. Abrasive’s Aluminum Oxide powders feature uniform, precision grades that are vital for precision lapping, grinding, compounding or blasting applications. The durable, blocky crystal structure is ideal for micro blasting such items as silicon wafers and dental castings. It is also used for close tolerance lapping of various types of metal parts such as seals, piston rings and pump housings. It can be used for plasma spraying to build a wear resistant surface. Our aluminum oxide powder is “wheel makers quality” and is ideal for bonded abrasive products such as precision honing stones and grinding wheels. These powders are suitable for specialty coated abrasive products.

Product NameBrown Fused Aluminum Oxide Powder
Item #800 Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Powder
Powder Size800
Microns (Median)7
Physical FormBlocky, solid angular
Hardness - Knoop Scale2050
Water SolubilityInsoluble
Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 (by difference) 96.05%
TiO2 2.70%
SiO2 0.70%
Fe2O3 0.10%
CaO 0.15%
MgO 0.30%
CrystallographyAlpha alumina, hexagonal crystal
ShapeBlocky with sharp edges
Bulk Density2.17-1.61 gm/cc depending on size
Shelf LifeIndefinite
Specific gravity (g/cm3)3.98

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