Item # 25-MA, Micro Alumina Precision Lapping Powder

Manufactured from 99+% calcined alumina, our Micro Alumina is an ideal abrasive for lapping semiconductor materials such as silicon, gallium, and germanium, quartz crystals, precision optical materials, glass and plastic lenses for prescription eyewear, stainless steel, aluminum and many other materials requiring an extremely fine, scratch free, uniform finish. Ideal for coated and bonded products, wear resistant surface coatings and thermal spray applications. Each particle is a discrete crystal, plate shaped to yield finer finishes than other conventional lapping abrasives, water-classified into specific micron sizes by our unique, continuous, automated grading process that assures consistent and predictable results

*All items below are available with suspension additives for oil (T) or water (ST)
Product NameMicro Alumina Precision Lapping Powder
Item #25-MA
Nominal Median Size (um)25.0
Physical FormSolid, Flat, Clear, Plate-Shaped Crystal
Melting Temperature2000C (3632F)
Hardness - Knoop Scale2100
Hardness - Mohs Scale9
Water SolubilityInsoluble
Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 99.59%
Fe2O3 0.03%
Na2O 0.35%
SiO2 0.03%
CrystallographyHigh Purity Alpha Alumina
Specific Gravity3.94 g/cm3
ShapeHexagonal, Plate-Shaped
Bulk Density1.101-1.612 gm/cm3 depending on size
Shelf LifeIndefinite
d5022.0 to 25.0

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