March 24, 2016

Product Quality

After all these years, K. C. Abrasive Company is still a small closely held speciality abrasive powder manufacturer with a strong emphasis on customer service. With a progressive philosophy, we embrace changes that will help to ensure a place for the company and our products in a global economy. We’ve modeled our quality management system to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standard and have been registered to the standard since 1998.

Having established special quality requirements with suppliers means that only the highest quality calcined alumina and fused aluminum oxide are used in production. Processed in our proprietary automated grading system, we simultaneously grade and collect twenty-three micron sizes between product lines. We continually sample each size during the collection process and analyze each sample to ensure that it consistently meets our product specifications. We utilize a Coulter Counter® Multisizer 3 in our production and final inspection labs to define the particle distribution of each sample based on electrical resistance test method. Our customers deserve the highest quality and consistent performance from our products.

Reduced variation from lot to lot is critical for our products to achieve predictable performance. Whether you’re concerned about stock removal rate, surface profile, flatness, parallelism, cycle time, or any other quality requirement, consistency in particle size distribution is assured. We offer a graphical footprint of the particle distribution, certificates of conformance and pre-shipment samples to assist you with meeting your internal quality control requirements. We respect the trust and confidence that you place in us.
Our customers rely on our Quality and Consistency to such a degree that they often forego internal testing of our shipments. We are only as good as our last shipment. Our thorough quality control procedures are the foundation of our internationally respected reputation.

“K. C. Abrasive Company strives to meet or exceed our customer expectations with the highest quality abrasives and continuous efforts to improve the quality of our products and processes.”