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Vibratory/Tumbling Media

Preformed shapes made with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide used to deburr, radius, and achieve a uniform finish.

Spa Aluminas

Unique alumina based polishing abrasives for precision optics, acrylic, quartz, stainless.

Ceramic Blast Media (CBM)

Ceramic spheres for speciality shot peening, cleaning, wet blasting,
high purity, wear resistant. Sizes Available – #1, #2 and #3

Crushed Glass

A safe substitute for sand.
No free silica. Inert. Non-toxic.

Glass Beads

Glass spheres used in pressure blasting to clean, deburr, blend, and peen without removal of base surface material.

Plastic Media

A revolutionary plastic abrasive that allows you to dry-strip surface coatings without the use of chemicals and without damaging the base substrate.


Natural abrasive used in waterjet cutting and a wide variety of blasting applications.

Boron Carbide

Typically used in applications requireing a harder, more durable crystal structure. This abrasive has a Knoop Hardness rating of 9.5+ Mohs (versus Diamond being 10 Mohs).